Arcade Games in Cashmere, WA

Many of us, in particular those of us who are parents and grandparents, still remember arcade games that weren’t handheld. We can still recollect that feeling of walking into that dimly lit game room as the sounds of Pacman and Pinball tattered the air.

Oh yes, now you can relive the feeling of those nostalgic arcade games and introduce your children and grandchildren to what arcade games used to be. Welcome to the That Pizza Place arcade.

The Game Room

Do you remember Bucket Seat Racing? How about the ultimate arcade game classic, Pac-Man? Even now, when you watch an eight, nine, or ten-year-old walk up to that massive arcade machine, and their eyes light up. How about the first time your child sits in the hard plastic chair of the Bucket Seat Racing game? Can you feel the excitement?

These are only a few of the games you will find at the That Pizza Place arcade and game room. No game room would be complete, of course, without the ultimate dual battle game, Air Hockey. Speaking of nostalgia, how about getting reacquainted with that old favorite, the 4-player Ninja Turtle game? Yes, these are our nostalgic older arcade games, and the That Pizza Place arcade is a chance to share and relive some of our childhood with our own.

Located in Cashmere, WA

Located in Cashmere, WA, That Pizza Place offers pizza, snacks, bowling lanes, and more than a few games to take us back to yesteryear.

Looking for something to do or someplace to go that is guaranteed to be a good time? Then come visit us at That Pizza Place in Cashmere, and take a trip into the golden era of arcade games. Reserve a bowling lane, check out our menu, and have some fun! The only real question is, who will have more fun, you or your children?